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We make the process simple, guiding you each step of the way

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Initial chat

Once you’ve made contact, we have an initial free consultation – a discussion to see where you are in your book writing process, and how our services might help you move forward.

The aim here is to give you clear options so you can see a path forward with ideas on how long each step might take and how much time, effort and money will be involved.

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Advice only

Our basic service is 1-1 advice and assistance on a pay as you go basis.

€50 per 1/2 hour rate, typically via Zoom or phone call.

We explain the processes and recommended actions you need to be taking, explaining why they are needed, pitfalls and things to watch out for etc. On Zoom calls we can share screens with you to see your document or other work in progress, and even remote control to help you with technical issues in the process.



We can supply you with a Word template of the right size for the final book you want to produce.

This is an early decision to make in the process, and working within the physical constraints of your final page size makes it much easier to visualise your pages as you build up your book.

There are a number of standard sizes that Amazon KDP will print to – we highly recommend sticking with one of these to keep things simple!

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Book Cover

One of THE most critical aspects of any book is your cover. A good cover will result in many more sales than an amateur looking job.

Penny is a very experienced graphic designer and journalist who has produced hundreds of covers for all kinds of publications, and she will work with you to create a cover which looks professional and captures the essence of your book.

Depending on the work involved and the number of revisions you want will affect the price of cover design, but a typical cover design job normally runs to around €300 for your main cover, with a smaller charge for producing variants for different publishing formats (Kindle, paperback and hardback).

The final cover has to be very precisely sized to fit the binding, number of pages and type of paper selected for your book, and separate cover files need to be created for Kindle, paperback and hardback.

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Promotional artwork

As well as your book cover, you will also want some mock-ups of the actual book looking like a book rather than the cover which is a flat layout of 2 pages and a spine.

What you might want will depend on the social media channels you want to use to promote your book, whether you want physical printed fliers, promo boards etc.

Penny can work with you to discuss options and give you pricing for each type of artwork.

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Amazon KDP

Working through the Amazon KDP process can be daunting if you’ve never done it before, or if you are less confident with some of the technical aspects of the process.

If you want, we can do all this for you, as we have done it many times before and know the ins and outs of all the screens and choices you have to make.

Or we can guide you through the process via remote Zoom sessions so you maintain full control and we just guide you along each step of the way – this is at the standard €50 per 30 mins rate.

Let’s build something great together…

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