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Our story

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Why Sherpa Press?

Why did we set up Sherpa Press ?

To help ANYONE get their book into print. Recent advances in technology have made the process of getting a book into print far more accessible. We primarily use Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and have produced a number of different books via this service, which offers cost effective and quick production of books which can be sold all around the world. Having been asked by a number of people to help them through this process, it seemed to be an opportunity – so here we are!

The idea for Sherpa Press came from a confluence of factors.

Our name arose after a podcast interview Joe did with Kathy O’Reilly, an educator based in University College Dublin, Ireland. In her interview, Kathy described herself as an “undercover sherpa” for her students, and this wonderful analogy of a guide who will lead you up the mountain, point out pitfalls and keep you safe, but won’t do all the work for you, seemed perfect for the process of creating books.

I want a physical book though, not a Kindle download

No problem! KDP allows both e-books, paperbacks and hardbacks to be created, so we can show you how to best navigate through the process and make your book a reality.

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