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Books we’ve published…

These are books that we’ve published to date using Amazon KDP. We’d love to be able to add yours to this list!

Do take a minute read the stories of how the books came to be – writing a book is really just a matter of having an idea and then putting in the time to get the words down. Keep plugging away and the hours of writing all add up, and sooner than you think, you are editing, proofing and then that wonderful day comes when you hold the first physical proof copy in your hands, and you release it to the world!

You do the writing – we can help you with everything else! Check out our Services page to see the options, and you’ll be published before you know it!

Streets of Dublin – a street photography guide

One evening in July 2019 I was flicking through Facebook when I realised that I was spending an hour or so most evenings doing this – dead time… So I unloaded Facebook from my tablet, opened up a Google doc and began to write. Every night, I put that 1 hour into writing – the story of my journey into street photography, the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, and little memories about each of the photos I include in the book.

42 nights later – 6 weeks – I had the text finished. I spent another week or so laying the pages out against an Amazon KDP template so I could produce print-ready PDF’s, and then I was essentially done. 2 months after I started, I had Streets of Dublin up as a paperback and Kindle download on Amazon sites around the world – I was a published author!

Available as a Kindle download, paperback & now also in hardback. This book is all black and white, which significantly reduces the printing cost & and sale price.

Take your time – the art and craft of long exposure photography

This book came about as a result of a remark made by someone at one of my photography club Zoom talks. I was doing a talk on Long Exposure photography, and the question came up – “Is there a book?” There wasn’t, but I had the bones of it already researched in my talk, so I used this to start the process – a lovely jump start past the dreaded blank page!

A year of further research and writing later – but just odd hours evenings and weekends, and I released this – full colour cover and interior images, and using the new hardback option now offered by Amazon KDP as well as the paperback.

Paperback –

Hardback –

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