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Welcome to Sherpa Press

Want to publish a book?

We’re here to help you!

The technology now exists to make it far easier than ever before to make your dream a reality and become a published author. So let us help you turn that dream into reality – we’ve done it ourselves and want to help you do it too!

About Us

We are Penny & Joe, and between us we’ve a fair bit of experience in all the fields you need to get into print.

Penny is a trained journalist and copy-editor, who worked for many years with the Irish Farmer’s Journal producing their glossy 40+ page magazine each week. Layout, design, editing and writing are Penny’s stock-in-trade.

Joe is a university professor who has taught business communications and project management for 20 years, following a successful career in multi-nationals all over the world. Joe is also in demand as a photography club speaker all over the world, runs a photography training business & has authored two books on photography, with a third in preparation on innovative education.

So if you have an idea, let’s have a chat and map out your path to holding & opening your book in your hands… it’s an amazing feeling!

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